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14 Jan 2019
After the unusually long spell of cold and rain the weather in Crete is not going to improve in a hurry despite a couple of [...]
31 Dec 2018
Apokoronas News wishes a very Happy 2019 to all readers. Hopefully the blog will return in the new year with more regular postings of local, national [...]
21 Dec 2018
Apokoronas News wishes a very Merry Christmas to all readers. Hopefully the blog will return in the new year with more regular postings of local, national [...]
30 Nov 2018
The British ambassador to Greece, Kate Smith CMG, met with British residents in Apokoronas town hall on Thursday, to discuss their concerns about Brexit and answer questions, following [...]
27 Nov 2018
Users can print out their forms and pay at the bank or online. To use the online application you need your tax number (ΑΦΜ ) and your vehicle registration number (Αριθμό [...]

The Latest News From The Chania Region

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7 Jan 2019
Several areas in the island of Crete are experiencing snowfall on as of Monday evening. The cold front ” Tilemachos” currently sweeping across Greece brought very low temperatures and snowfall. The meteo weather service at the National Observa…
5 Jan 2019
The wine lists of 32 of London’s best restaurants and even more popular Manhattan restaurants include the wines of Domaine Gerovassiliou, which are produced in Epanomi, Thessaloniki, ANA reports. Furthermore, Malagousia, the forgotten Greek variety that w…
5 Jan 2019
The Finance Ministry plans to increase the number of monthly installments for the payment of income tax and the ENFIA property levy. Speaking to ANT1 TV, Deputy Finance Minister Katerina Papanatsiou said the government wants “some of the taxes to be paid …
5 Jan 2019
The “Majestic Flavoured with Lemongrass & Tarragon” olive oil produced by Sakellaropoulos Organic Farming was voted first in the world at the annual World Ranking Evoo (EVOOWR) competition, according to The winning Greek olive oil …
5 Jan 2019
Twenty-six Greek hotels won the title of the Umwelt Champion for 2019 awarded by TUI Travel group. The prize has been awarded since 1996 to hotels around the planet that host TUI customers and stand out for their exceptional quality environmental, ecologi…

17 Jan 2019
Fitness is what’s driving smartwatches.
17 Jan 2019
It means that people (*cough astrologers not astronomers*) are giving names to phenomena that don’t really need cute labels.
17 Jan 2019
More than 30 years after the original manga began, the anime series and feature films are more popular than ever.
17 Jan 2019
Ad-hoc systems and haphazard databases made the Trump administration’s cruel border separation policies somehow even worse.
17 Jan 2019
Also: Steve Carell is making a Space Force show for Netflix, and Apple is teaming up with Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray.
17 Jan 2019
Sure, you need big muscles to win the Lunar Impact event in Dwayne Johnson's new reality show. But you won't get anywhere without friction.
17 Jan 2019
The people want their cars big and gas-powered. The automakers are happy to provide.
17 Jan 2019
Introducing a bot to a secure Telegram conversation downgrades the level of encryption—without providing any visual cues.