19 Sep 2018   admin

The waste bin areas around the Apokoronas are quite disgraceful. They are a serious hazard to health. Were it not for the dozens of feral cats that inhabit these bin areas, we would be over run with rats.

In Kambia, the village entrance has been an eyesore for years. The problem was that the bin men left so much rubbish on the floor following removal of waste and more importantly, insufficient amount of bins. See picture.20180807_193733.jpg

Just recently, the Dimos must have listened to a new complaint and a JCB was brought in to move the bins, which meant further damage to them ie wheels falling off. The bins have been moved down the side road and now reside half on the road and half on private land propped up on rocks etc. Of course they regularly fall on their side scattering contents and potentially seriously injuring someone. See picture.IMG-20180919-WA0003.jpg

The Minister talks of all year round venue for Crete. She will need to get to grips with the waste disposal issue first because it is a blight on the landscape, and a serious health hazard which can be easily rectified.

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