30 Jan 2019   admin

I would like to update everyone about our quest to get the garbage bin area resolved to a conclusion suitable to everyone in the village and not just a couple of people who complain without thought to others.

I think everyone would agree that the area used at present is now a serious health hazard, especially as someone without regard to others has deposited a large bag of used babies disposable nappies and not put them in the bin. Whoever did this, please be advised that I am disgusted with your behaviour.

Anyway, I've moved away from the real substance of the complaint blog. I visited Vrysses Town Hall with my wife today and we sought out the person responsible for waste management in the Apokoronas.
We were directed to the basement, which looks very much like a work in progress, where we met a very nice lady named Georgia, who agreed that she was the person to talk to. Her english was about as good as our greek, so communication was fairly difficult but we did manage to make ourselves understood, mostly by the photos that we went armed with. I actually believe that the large gentleman sitting opposite was the real responsible person as when Georgia mentioned the problem to him and tried to show him the photographs, he left the office immediately.

To conclude our visit, Georgia assured us that the cleaning department would make Kambia their next visit. The best we could do at this time.

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