We're the friendliest community in the Apokoronas

Kambia, or sometimes Kampia ( according to Google ) is situated just to the south, about 4 kilometres, of Almyrida. We are very quiet. No kafeneon, no taverna, only a small church. We have beautiful walks, an abundance of wildlife and peace and tranquility. But, only a stones throw from all that the Apokoronas has to offer.


Our Story

Kambia sits in the Region of Chania in NW Crete.
We are in the Municipality of Apokoronas.
The seat of the Municipality is Vrysses ( Town Hall )

The Municipality is split into sub divisions.
We are in the sub division of Vamos who deal with all matters Kambia.

Our Citizens Advice Bureau ( KEP ) is located in Kalyves Town Hall.

There are approx 24 houses within the village boundary.
Approx 56 houses outside the village but within the postal district 73008.
There are approx 50 permanent residents which can swell to 150 with summer residents and rental guests.
( I would be glad to receive any definitive information on these figures )


Extract from apokoronas.gov.gr 22 Sept 2018

T.K. PLACAS (Almyrida - Plaka - Kambia): Continuing from Kalyves the road is branched towards Almyrida. After Kasteli, we meet the old monastery of Panagia Kera, with a beautiful small beach, while parts of the old public road, with a arched bridge, and the taxpayer's section are preserved to the side of Gavalohori. Almyrida, a small fishing village, a few years ago, has evolved into a tourist resort, for which our municipality should pay particular attention. At the entrance of the settlement, the 13th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities has been excavated by the ruins of a three-aisled, early-Christian basilica of the 6th century AD. century, with excellent quality and preservation mosaic floors, which need special maintenance. On the hill of Finikia, over the basilica, the ruins of a Greco-Roman city are preserved, as on the small island of Karga, a short distance from Almyrida. The village of Plaka is built on a hillside overlooking the bay of Souda. It is a settlement with an interesting folk architecture, which however has begun to be disturbed by the intense building activity, mainly of buildings for tourist use. The surrounding nature preserves its character well enough and offers for walks both inland and sea. Plaka maintains its traditional character quite well, which should be protected and architecturally controlled in the new buildings, so as not to continue the alteration of the site. In Plaka every summer, Cretan music is taking place, Plakana, in honor of Michalis Papadakis, Plakianos, a good lyricist of the last years.

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